Wine Glasses

Do wine glasses matter? Yes Do you need a specific glass for each grape variety? Not really! Different wine glasses do alter the aromas and flavours of the wine and when life allows you the luxury of time, you can try all the various types of glasses and see for yourself. However, I am a believerContinue reading “Wine Glasses”

Wine Cocktails

While wine is best had on its own, I don’t shy away from making cocktails out of it either! Sangria, of course, is the go-to cocktail but there are sooo many more. Sharing some of my favourite wine cocktails here. FRENCH 75 The picture does not do justice to this cocktail. No matter what angleContinue reading “Wine Cocktails”

Ideal Serving Temperature of Wine

Have you ever had warm Coke or beer? Don’t they taste better when chilled or at your preferred temperature? Same goes with wine.As a general rule white wines should be served between 8 to 12°C and red wines should be served between 14 to 20°C. As with everything in wine, the serving temperature also dependsContinue reading “Ideal Serving Temperature of Wine”

Types of Wine

Wine can broadly be classified in 5 styles: Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Rosé, Red Wine and Dessert Wine. Sparkling Wine Yes, this is the one with bubbles in it. The fizz is a result of carbonation that happens during the wine making process. Two types of methods are used to achieve this – The TraditionalContinue reading “Types of Wine”