Wine Labels

They say never judge a book by its cover, but a wine label is a good start to figure out the origin, contents, quality and even the flavours of the wine well before you open it. Every wine-producing country has its own legal requirements for labelling the wine, but most are labelled according to theContinue reading “Wine Labels”

Wine Glasses

Do wine glasses matter? Yes Do you need a specific glass for each grape variety? Not really! Different wine glasses do alter the aromas and flavours of the wine and when life allows you the luxury of time, you can try all the various types of glasses and see for yourself. However, I am a believerContinue reading “Wine Glasses”

How to Hold a Wine Glass

Some people may frown upon the ‘incorrect’ way of holding a wine glass but there really is only one thing to keep in mind. While using a wine glass with a stem hold it by the stem and never by the bowl. This is primarily for 3 reasons (looking fancy is not on the list,Continue reading “How to Hold a Wine Glass”

Orange Wine

What is Orange wine? Let me begin by answering the question, ‘What orange wine is not?’ It is not a wine made from oranges. It is not a white wine with orange flavours. It is not an orange juice and wine cocktail (that, as I’m sure you know, is called a mimosa!). In fact, itContinue reading “Orange Wine”

Popular Red Wine Blends

Did you know Champagne is usually a blend of three grapes varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Munier. Many famous wines such as Bordeaux, Chinati, Rioja and Port use multiple grape varieties to make their signature wines. Sometimes 18 or more grapes varieties (as in the case of Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine from the Rhone regionContinue reading “Popular Red Wine Blends”

Leftover Wine?

The most common question I get asked is “how long will an open bottle of wine last?” And my immediate response is – Why do you have leftover wine in the first place?? But before I tell them what to do with their bottle of wine, I ask them what kind of wine they wereContinue reading “Leftover Wine?”

Sauvignon Blanc

This refreshing grape variety with crisp acidity is a favourite of many. Regardless of where it comes from, Sauvignon Blanc will always have distinct notes of lime, grass and herbs. The most popular Sauvignon Blancs are from New Zealand, even though France is its home region One of the most easy-to-recognise wines, Sauvignon Blanc hasContinue reading “Sauvignon Blanc”

Types of Wine

Wine can broadly be classified in 5 styles: Sparkling Wine, White Wine, Rosé, Red Wine and Dessert Wine. Sparkling Wine Yes, this is the one with bubbles in it. The fizz is a result of carbonation that happens during the wine making process. Two types of methods are used to achieve this – The TraditionalContinue reading “Types of Wine”

Food Pairing with different wines!

Cabernet Sauvignon Food Pairing Cab Sauv with its high tannin levels can be a bit overwhelming without food. With correct pairing, the flavours of the wine and the food get enhanced, ensuring a wholesome gastronomic experience! Since the wine itself is bold, light food such as pasta or food with subtle flavours will not pairContinue reading “Food Pairing with different wines!”