How I learnt to Identify the various Wine Aromas!

When I started learning about wine, I was amazed to see people around me sniff the wine and rattle off with aromas of fruits, flowers and spices. While I was stuck with descriptors like Uhmmm, Grapes? Spirit? Citrus? I saw the same thing happen when I started encouraging my family and friends to discuss theContinue reading “How I learnt to Identify the various Wine Aromas!”

Wine Flaws

Wine is a living thing and it continues to change all the time, even while in the bottle. ⁠And like any living thing, they may come with some flaws! These wine flaws are easy to detect by their unpleasant or ‘off’ smell and most retailers or restaurants are happy to take the wine back ifContinue reading “Wine Flaws”

Orange Wine

What is Orange wine? Let me begin by answering the question, ‘What orange wine is not?’ It is not a wine made from oranges. It is not a white wine with orange flavours. It is not an orange juice and wine cocktail (that, as I’m sure you know, is called a mimosa!). In fact, itContinue reading “Orange Wine”