Viognier has had an interesting journey and has been re-discovered by the wine world in the past decades. This full-bodied white wine grape that most probably originated in southern France had less than 100 acres of vine under cultivation in the 1980s. Now it covers about 5 times more across Europe, South Africa, Argentina, India,Continue reading “Viognier”


Nebbiolo wines are not your everyday wines. Known for their complexity, aromas and flavours these wines are aged for years in the barrels and can further age for decades in the bottle. From the vines to the bottles, each step requires great care and attention. They may be expensive but are worth every penny spent.Continue reading “Nebbiolo”


One of the most versatile grapes which is widely grown across major wine regions, Grenache or Garnacha (as it is known in Spain) produces spicy, fruit-forward, full-body wines with high alcohol content. On its own, Grenache grape, sometimes, lacks the acidity and tannins but is used in many notable blends, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone GSM, Priorat, RiojaContinue reading “Grenache”


Albariño is the famous white wine from the Riax baixas DO in Galacia region of Spain. One of the first wines I tried from the tank in a winery was an Albariño. And even that that stage, with super sharp acidity, I knew I would always love this wine. It is one of those refreshingContinue reading “Albariño”

Grüner Veltliner

This difficult-to-pronounce Austrian grape variety is also called Gru – Ve or Groovy! Not a tongue twister now, is it? The name Grüner Veltliner translates to Green wine of Veltlin. Veltlin was a region in the lower Alps and is now known as Valtellina in Italy.The ‘green’ flavour referred to here is often the pepperyContinue reading “Grüner Veltliner”


Tempranillo is the most well-known grape variety from Spain. It makes a range of wines and is used in many blends, most notably being the Rioja (pronounced Ree-o-ha) where it is the dominant grape of the region. A fairly neutral grape with moderate tannins, it is usually blended with other varieties like Grenache, Graciano andContinue reading “Tempranillo”


Did you know Syrah from France and Shiraz from Australia are the same grape variety? Although both regions produce quality wines with high tannins and acidity, the flavours and style are very different. Traditionally, the difference was regional, but now it is mostly due to the climate and the wine-making style. Syrah’s home region isContinue reading “Shiraz/Syrah”

Pinot Grigio

This Italian grape, originally from France (where it is known as Pinot Gris), is an interesting white wine grape with greyish-blue colour instead of the usual green. The grapes are harvested early to retain the acidity and make some refreshing fruit-forward, easy-drinking wines. It can have a range of flavours from apple, pear, lemon, peachContinue reading “Pinot Grigio”

Food Pairing with different wines!

Cabernet Sauvignon Food Pairing Cab Sauv with its high tannin levels can be a bit overwhelming without food. With correct pairing, the flavours of the wine and the food get enhanced, ensuring a wholesome gastronomic experience! Since the wine itself is bold, light food such as pasta or food with subtle flavours will not pairContinue reading “Food Pairing with different wines!”