Albariño is the famous white wine from the Riax baixas DO in Galacia region of Spain.

Albariño Cheat Sheet

One of the first wines I tried from the tank in a winery was an Albariño. And even that that stage, with super sharp acidity, I knew I would always love this wine.

It is one of those refreshing wines well suited for all palates and weather.

In the Galacia region of Spain, Albariño is refreshing, with sharp acidity along with salt, brine, and sea water aromas.This dry, low alcohol wine is easy drinking and goes well with a lot of seafoods. With citrusy and floral flavours, it is best served chilled on a summer afternoon.

Outside of Galacia, in Spain, it is also grown in Portugal , where it is known as Alvarinho, 

One of the few old world wines that are known by the grape variety and not the region they come from, these wines are made to be drunk young. However some winemakers have also made some excellent, complex, richer styles of Albariño that have been aged in oak.

Albariño Food Pairing

This crisp, refreshing wine pairs best with fresh seafood from the Galicia region. Given the acidity, it also goes well with various cheese and vegetables with creamy sauce or dressings.

It is also a great accompaniment for mildly spicy Asian dishes like Chicken Satay, Malai tikka or Hakka noodles!

Albarino wine complements the flavours of herbs and spices like basil, coriander, cumin and therefore goes well with Thai, Lebanese, Moroccan and Indian cuisine. Some of the food pairing suggestions are :

  1. Seafood platter – The wine has very dominant sea water aromas and pairs well with similar flavours found in seafood. All types of seafood with light lemon drizzle complement this wine with crisp acidity.
  2. Chana Saag – An Indian dish of Garbanzo beans cooked with Spinach and Mustard leaves pairs well with Albariño as the vegetal flavours and creamy texture of beans is contrasted by the refreshing acidity of the wine.
  3. Burrata Cheese – The fresh melt in your mouth creamy cheese compliments the zesty flavours of the wine.
  4. Pita bread with dips – Hummus and Tzatziki both pair well with Albariño given its cajun spices.

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