Wine Gifting Tips

If you are planning to gift a bottle of wine this festive season, read the following tips. 1. Know the recipient – Whether they drink wine at all, whether they prefer a red, white, fortified or sparkling wine? Are they into wines from a particular country or region? All this can help you greatly inContinue reading “Wine Gifting Tips”

Wine Labels

They say never judge a book by its cover, but a wine label is a good start to figure out the origin, contents, quality and even the flavours of the wine well before you open it. Every wine-producing country has its own legal requirements for labelling the wine, but most are labelled according to theContinue reading “Wine Labels”

Wine Flaws

Wine is a living thing and it continues to change all the time, even while in the bottle. ⁠And like any living thing, they may come with some flaws! These wine flaws are easy to detect by their unpleasant or ‘off’ smell and most retailers or restaurants are happy to take the wine back ifContinue reading “Wine Flaws”

Orange Wine

What is Orange wine? Let me begin by answering the question, ‘What orange wine is not?’ It is not a wine made from oranges. It is not a white wine with orange flavours. It is not an orange juice and wine cocktail (that, as I’m sure you know, is called a mimosa!). In fact, itContinue reading “Orange Wine”

Popular Red Wine Blends

Did you know Champagne is usually a blend of three grapes varieties – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Munier. Many famous wines such as Bordeaux, Chinati, Rioja and Port use multiple grape varieties to make their signature wines. Sometimes 18 or more grapes varieties (as in the case of Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine from the Rhone regionContinue reading “Popular Red Wine Blends”

Wine Cocktails

While wine is best had on its own, I don’t shy away from making cocktails out of it either! Sangria, of course, is the go-to cocktail but there are sooo many more. Sharing some of my favourite wine cocktails here. FRENCH 75 The picture does not do justice to this cocktail. No matter what angleContinue reading “Wine Cocktails”

Wine Movies

Wine, movies and chill? Or Wine movies and chill? If you are looking to watch some interesting wine-centric films this weekend, check out this list of movies that I have watched and enjoyed.  This is not the ultimate list! Just some of my favourites! Somm – First of a three-film series that followed four MasterContinue reading “Wine Movies”


Viognier has had an interesting journey and has been re-discovered by the wine world in the past decades. This full-bodied white wine grape that most probably originated in southern France had less than 100 acres of vine under cultivation in the 1980s. Now it covers about 5 times more across Europe, South Africa, Argentina, India,Continue reading “Viognier”


Nebbiolo wines are not your everyday wines. Known for their complexity, aromas and flavours these wines are aged for years in the barrels and can further age for decades in the bottle. From the vines to the bottles, each step requires great care and attention. They may be expensive but are worth every penny spent.Continue reading “Nebbiolo”