How I learnt to Identify the various Wine Aromas!

When I started learning about wine, I was amazed to see people around me sniff the wine and rattle off with aromas of fruits, flowers and spices. While I was stuck with descriptors like Uhmmm, Grapes? Spirit? Citrus? I saw the same thing happen when I started encouraging my family and friends to discuss theContinue reading “How I learnt to Identify the various Wine Aromas!”

5 ‘S’ of Wine Tasting

While we may want to enjoy only one ā€˜Sā€™ in wine tasting – sipping, there are 4 more ā€˜Sā€™s we need to explore to truly appreciate a wine. The 5S of wine tasting are : See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, Savour! SEE The things to look out for at this stage are: * Colour – RedContinue reading “5 ‘S’ of Wine Tasting”