Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses

Do wine glasses matter?


Do you need a specific glass for each grape variety?

Not really!

Different wine glasses do alter the aromas and flavours of the wine and when life allows you the luxury of time, you can try all the various types of glasses and see for yourself. 
However, I am a believer of one Universal wine glass and I think it works really well for most types of wine. 

Universal Glass

Over the years I have observed that I love drinking my beverages from unconventional glasses , a tom collins in a flute , a beer in a wine glass, and a whiskey sour in a martini glass! I have had some great wines in paper cups on picnics and I loved them all the same. Maybe it was the company or maybe the wine did not need a special glass. 

If drinking sparkling wine from a red wine glass is unfathomable to you, and you insist on having different glasses, 3 is a great number to begin with.

1️⃣One for sparkling wines – A tulip will work best for the bubbles.
2️⃣One for white wines – Smaller bowled glasses to help preserve refreshing aromas and flavours and to maintain the cool temperature of the wine.
3️⃣One for the bold reds – Large round globe shaped with wide rim/mouth. It helps the wine to open up and accentuates the aromas.

Sparkling Wine Glass
White Wine Glass
Red Wine Glass

And even though any of the above can be used for fortified and sweet wines, I love the smaller ornate ones for their beauty and that lovely vintage feel. 

These rules, however, are not set in stone and as with everything in life, there are exceptions.

*️⃣And then there is the universal glass – A thin glass with a large-ish bowl which is slightly narrow at the top. Works well for most wines. Yes, even the sparkling ones!

How many types of glasses do you use for your wines? 

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