Decanting Wine

More often than not, all wines benefit from decanting. While it helps in getting rid of sediments in older red wines, it helps in smoothing tannins in younger red wines, too. It also enhances the flavours in white wines and as far as sparkling wine is concerned, some prefer the opening up of the aromas while others consider it a taboo to decant them as it flattens out the bubbles.

Personally, I like decanting most wines to experiment…to see the effect it has on a particular bottle of wine.

While decanting the wine for aeration, there is a risk that it will get oxidised. Oxygen is good in small doses but can turn into a wine enemy if exposed for long.

How long should one decant is something that can only be achieved by experimenting. Some red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Shiraz, Sangiovese Nebbiolo definitely benefit from 30-40 min of decanting. 

White wines, Rośe and light Red wines can be decanted for 10 mins which allows them to open up. Just like we need some time to ‘open up’ in a new setting, so do our wines! If you think they need some more time even after 10 mins, give it to them. You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t be shy 
* To use any vessel for decanting. It need not be crystal or expensive glass.
* Use a strainer to get rid of the sediments.
* Keep trying the wine at different intervals to check if it is ‘done’.
* To decant any and all wines. Experimenting is the best way to learn.

Try this with your next bottle and do let me know what happened!

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